Maritime Panel Mount Glass DNV Approved

Panel Mount glass monitors are built-in monitors. These built-in monitors can be flush-mounted into a desk or recess. The monitors are made of steel with a panel entirely out of glass at the front. As such, the monitors are waterproof at the front.

All standard functions can be controlled by use of the multi-functional dimming button. In case of the KGE-version, this is situated at the front of the monitor. For the KG-version it is external. Besides control of the brightness, the monitor can be switched on/off and the functions of the OSD (On Screen Display) menu can be controlled. Furthermore, the KGE model has a capacitive switch at the bottom of the monitor, behind the glass, that can be used to select a different output (dvi/vga/hdmi and video). The full glass Panel Mount monitors can be equipped with an optional touch screen (Projected capacitive). Furthermore, the following options are standard: remote dimming, optical bonding, 9-36 Volt electrically isolated power supply. Optional is high bright.

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