Smart BMS 12/200

The Smart BMS 12/200 is an all-in-one Battery
Management system for Victron Lithium-Iron-Phosphate (LiFePO4) Smart Batteries.
It has been specifically designed for 12V systems with a 12V alternator such as
in vehicles and boats.

It combines a Current Limiter, Battery Combiner and
Battery Protector in a robust and compact solution and lets you safely connect
any size 12V alternator (and starter battery), loads and chargers to Smart
Lithium batteries.

The Smart BMS 12/200 monitors and protects each
individual battery cell within the battery (or battery bank) and will
disconnect the alternator, charge sources or DC loads in case of low battery
cell voltage, high battery cell voltage or over temperature.

The dedicated alternator connection provides current
limiting and one-way traffic from the alternator into the battery, this so any
size alternator (and starter battery) can be safely connected to the Smart
Lithium battery (or battery bank) and the starter battery is protected from
excessive discharge.

The BMS is equipped with Bluetooth for monitoring and
configuration, a remote on/off connector, to turn the BMS (and the system) off
via a remote switch and a pre-alarm contact, to give a warning signal before
the BMS will disconnect the batteries from the system.